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Why hire me for your next project?

Hi! I'm Kok Han. I am a Data Engineer / Visualization Expert with the background in maths.

I love building products that are meaningful.  You might have stumbled upon this COVID19 Dashboard - one of my side projects that visualizes COVID19 cases in real-time, and has garnered over 300,000 users from 72 countries with over 1.2 Million views.

My work style makes me oscillate between two selves- on one end, I think about work optimization, business value - akin more to an entreprenuer. On another end, I think like a mathematician, identify core problem, explore ideas and formulate solutions.


Here's a few of my work's recent apperances


Turn data into value

Data/ Web Scraping

Data is everywhere but most of it is unusable. Access clean, valuable data with web scraping services that drive your business forward. 

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive, tedious tasks increase the risk of human error. People can devote their time & energy to more impactful and valuable work

Segment Your Data

Customers, documents etc. can often be clustered into sensible segments. This can be helpful e.g. to personalize offering or targeting 

Interactive Real-time Dashboard

Interactive analysis empowers users to answer critical business questions on-demand with the most up-to-date data.

Report Your Data

Tracking your ROI and KPI constantly creates a clear data-backed picture of where and how your marketing dollars are being spent.

Put It Together

Many of the services listed here can be put together. Automate the data from source to report and interactive Real-time Dashboard


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